Basic Bathroom Renovations starting at $7500.... No more custom batroom renovation service offered.

DOITALLMAN will not be involved with custom bathroom renovations at this time. Due to complications with materials customer selections, manpower and permit requirements, we will no longer be involved in complete custom which require costly design work, material planing and acquisition. Our basic bathroom renovation not requiring special ordering starts at 5K plus material. We can fit most basic bathroom remodels in at $7500. This is for off shelf products and purchase of the products is customers responsibility. We will gladly assist in transportation of your purchased material. Custom bathrooms with custom taste need to have extensive planning and preparation before the work can begin and require intensive highly skilled labor for a successful project. Our company will not be involved in that type of high end custom work. Our desire to down scale this service is needed and our solid basic bathrooms with moisture handling is enough work in it self. Our experience has not changed, just the services we are offering.

NJ Home Improvement Lic. #13VH05465000

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