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Handyman Service VS Calling a Contractor


Many people tell me that they have called a contractor  to take on a repair list and they pull a no show and also have experienced the syndrome of a no return call. So what is a home owner supposed to do when you have a small project/s. You call a handyman. Most local handymen thrive off the small work because a handyman has almost every tool on his truck plus cleanup equipment like a vac and tarps for protection. A handyman has a ladder on his truck to reach nost areas of a two story home. The handyman does not have to come out and give an estimate and can explain the coarse of action to aliviate the repair issues and work at a flat rate. Most handymen have insurance so be sure to ask and verify the claim of insurance before you hire him. It does not even hurt to ask for a binder if there is enough work but believe me an invoice is enough to request an insurance company pay for the mistake of a contractor so it's not always an issue as long as you verify they have insurance and that's a call away.


A good handyman is efficiant and really gets things done. In a 7 hour day he should be able to address many small items and painting a room in a day is no problem. I have seen 2 handymen do 3 medium rooms including trim in a day. A good handyman charges betwen $50 -$89 per hour for a 1-2 man crew so 2 men for a full day is $720 on the avg. A quality handyman is priceless and way worth $500 a day and up for a team.


You can search handyman services with your zip code to find a reputable business who has been around for a while and see the reviews that people are leaving. It is easy to check out a handyman now a days with the internet. Good luck to your next handyman search. Doitallman's Renovation Construction and Handyman Service has a professional handyman service that works by the hour for the small jobs. Minimun 2 hours.

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