Why you don't need an estimate. How about a not to exceed cost target?


If you are a repeat customer or live close there is no problem coming out for a look at your project/s. The "construction estimate" service has become very abusive and we feel it is not profitable to offer free estimates to customers who live more then 10 miles away from our area unless they are committed to using our service. We will be more then happy to discuss your project over the phone with some supporting documents such as pictures and plans for FREE. Our service offers a on-site consultation/estimate (Fee) for larger projects like decks, large renovations, basements or indoor pools. All estimate costs are refunded at contract signing. Our site visits starts at $89.


If you are hiring our handyman service then there is never a need for an estimate. We come out and address the repair/s on the spot and you pay for the time and material. It is the most fair way to offer our repair service to you. See what people say! Our service starts with a contact form through our "Request Service" link.

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