Professional TV Installations

Our extensive work experience in stage and radio production is the backbone to our experience in providing a quality electronic and TV installation on almost any surface. We also have the capability to create build-in's and install any other associated components. If you have a TV installation need, we can provide the connection answers. Basic wall mount installation starts at $172.

Mounting a flat panel TV to the wall removes clutter and frees up floor and table space. A typical wall mount kit comes with two mounting arms that attach to the back of your TV and a wide bracket plate, which attaches to your wall. The mounting arms lock onto the bracket plate, securing the TV to the wall. For the simplest installation and the tightest fit, consider purchasing a wall mount kit made by the manufacturer of your television. You might also want to conceal the TV’s power cord, as well as the cables running between the TV and your home theater components. Call us to discuss your project.

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