Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy is in effect from start to finish and beyond. During the work we encourage our customers to examine our work and ask questions.  We encourage a walk through at the end of the job to show all the work performed and address any concerns related to the work. Upon your satisfaction and final payment the warranty policy stays in effect. Even when we leave the last day....This warranty accompanies all our work. It says that our work will be void of shoddy workmanship and all work is performed to or exceeds industry standard levels. If any work to be performed is substandard or missed or overlooked we promise to come back and address any and all issues. If it is an oversight or unsatisfactory work it is addressed and corrected on our time. Doitallman can not guarantee parts/supplies/equipment that has been supplied by customer.

The policy is designed to be fair to you the customer and for us to be responsible for the work we offer. Our work is never taken lightly and we strive to bring the greatest results in the building industry. It is so much more efficient to look closely at all work being performed because it is so much more effective to address the issues while work is in progress. So if you see something say something. With that being said this is not a company that does a Houdini on people. We charge good money for good work with good warranties. If it's wrong we got you!

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